Organisational Capability Review

Transforming your organisational capability

The capability of an organisation is determined by its assets, its processes and the interaction of each of these.

Capability is also context-specific – what might be considered a strong capability in one sector or market may be lacking in another.

In today’s fast-paced, rapidly-changing, complex and uncertain business environment it is essential that organisations maintain a high level of relevant capability across the entire organisation. This involves having a deep understanding of what equates to ‘success’ in their market, identifying current best practice and developing a roadmap for transformation and improvement.

Changes and capabilities also need to be developed and fully aligned across all key business systems – governance, management & operations, strategy, risk, finance & resourcing and workplace culture.

How we can help our clients transform and improve their organisational capability:

  • Identify the level of capability required given the organisational context, strategy and purpose
  • Using our 6C Framework, assess the current performance across each of the six critical business areas to identify level of performance and alignment
  • Prioritise where change is required
  • Develop a plan to undertake the necessary transformation
  • Work with you to implement that change

We do this by a combination of the following:

  • Review the strategy and organisational objectives and identify capability requirements
  • Establish a bespoke assessment framework for your organisation
  • Review existing processes and documentation to assess current performance
  • Identify potential capability gaps and develop strategies to address those gaps
  • Develop a capability improvement implementation plan
  • Assist with executing that plan

In addition to assessing organisational capability holistically, we can assist with reviews of individual divisions and subsidiaries or we can develop bespoke services to meet your needs.