Mergers & Acquisitions

Ensuring mergers don’t happen in isolation

Mergers and acquisitions occur for a host of different reasons. For some it is about combining business activities to improve overall performance efficiencies and reducing costs. For others it is about creating greater protection that comes with scale.

However, in the main mergers or acquisitions fail to deliver the benefits expected and are often considered failures.

While there are many reasons for this, the greatest failure stems from M&A transactions happening in isolation and not considered in the context of the entire organisation.

How we help our clients manage and improve their M&A activity:

  • Using our business assessment and transformational methodology, 6C Framework we consider the M&A strategy in the context of the six critical areas of the organisation (governance, management & operations, strategy, risk, finance & resourcing and workplace culture).
  • Our framework also helps define the potential benefits and risks of the M&A transaction and the resources required to manage the undertaking.
  • We can also identify and assess potential M&A targets and rank their suitability across all areas of the 6C Framework.
  • We can also help companies develop the transaction plan and provide commercial advice during the process.
  • Importantly, we can develop and implement the post transaction integration plan to help organisations realise the benefits of the M&A transaction.