Corporate Finance

Adapting financing models to address internal and external complexities

Corporate finance refers to the way in which an organisation finances its activities and the resources it can deploy. It also refers to having the right financial framework to support performance improvement and deliver the story behind the numbers to enable good governance.

In today’s fast-paced, rapidly-changing, complex and uncertain business environment it is essential that organisations pivot and adapt to change or risk becoming financially stressed or irrelevant.

However, the speed with which an organisation can adapt is greatly influenced by the speed with which it can access and deploy resources. As opportunities emerge or operations change, funding structures and asset utilisation will also need to change.

Given that money, assets and other resources become the fuel that drives the change and creates a more positive outcome, an inability to flexibly deploy resources will starve the organisation of this fuel and opportunities will be missed.

How we can help our clients transform and improve their corporate finance capability:

  • Using our 6C Framework, we can assess how suited current financing is to the level of complexity of the organisation and the industry or eco-system in which it operates.
  • Assess the alignment of Finance & Resourcing with other business systems – governance, management & operations, strategy, risk, finance & resourcing and workplace culture.
  • Prioritise where change is required and where new opportunities lie
  • Develop a plan to undertake the necessary transformation
  • Work with you to implement that change

We do this by a combination of the following:

  • Undertake a capital funding review
  • Identify funding capacity and constraints
  • Conduct detailed financial modelling and projections
  • Review asset capability
  • Review resource identification and flexibility

In addition to transforming your Corporate Financing systems, Graphite i2i also handles smaller one-off pieces of work which can include some of the above services handled individually or we can develop bespoke services to meet your needs.