Our Methodology

Easy-to-understand view of your business.

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected but exponentially more complex. All of this makes leading, managing and directing organisations more challenging.

However there are tools and methodologies that can help organisations reduce this complexity and take advantage of the opportunities complexity creates.

Our highly innovative business transformational methodology, 6C Framework*, is one such tool.

Used in conjunction with detailed internal, external and industry analyses, our framework enables businesses to gain a whole-of-organisation view and understanding of their businesses and performance across all key areas: governance, management & operations, strategy, risk, finance & resourcing and workplace culture.

This allows CEOs and boards to readily identify misalignment across business systems and capabilities and where functionality can be improved.

The 6C Framework also provides a measure of the complexity of the environment and the industries in which organisations operate and how to best work within these parameters: what should be avoided or changed and what businesses can live with or adapt to.

Our framework is particularly relevant to medium and large organisations looking to:

  • Transform or improve underperforming businesses
  • Merge or acquire other operations
  • Identify business challenges and fresh opportunities
  • Understand how to more effectively operate in a complex and challenging environment
  • Manage a period of organisational stress or distress
  • Turn around organisational performance
  • Clarify their thinking and focus on the issues/ opportunities that matter most
  • Looking for a comprehensive yet ‘easy to understand’ view of their organisation, its performance and future direction

*The title for ​6C Framework comes from the chemical symbol for carbon (what graphite is made of and the name of the organisation) and the six key systems or capabilities of an organisation.

We identify the challenges, see the opportunities, explore the possibilities.