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Clever transformation methodology

Most medium to large organisations were established decades ago and have adapted slowly over time, often with only limited areas undergoing change or expansion to accommodate specific needs or to stay abreast of business growth.

In many instances, these changes have created considerable internal complexity, slowed down customer response times and industry changes and resulted in business models better suited to a different time.

In today’s fast-paced, rapidly-changing and uncertain business environment it is critical that businesses embark on transformational change that not only modernises their business but also reduces unnecessary complexities.

To do so, change needs to happen holistically and not be confined to exclusive areas of a business.

How we help our clients transform their organisations:

  • Using our business assessment and transformational methodology, 6C Framework, we can provide Board members and CEOs a holistic view of their business.
  • The framework enables us to quickly identify misalignment across business systems and capabilities (governance, management & operations, strategy, risk, finance & resourcing and workplace culture) and where functionality can be improved.
  • The framework also helps us determine where new and fresh opportunities lie and how internal complexity can be reduced.
  • Once we have gained these insights, we will develop a plan to undertake the transformation or change required.
  • We will also translate the insights into actionable strategies designed to suit the size and complexity of an organisation and the industry, environment and geography in which it operates.
  • We then partner with our clients as they embark on their business improvement journeys, providing them with quality thinking and hands-on assistance at each and every stage of their project, ensuring they achieve real value and long-term, sustainable change.

In addition to whole-of-business transformational and improvement activity, we also help clients change and transform discrete business areas or systems.


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